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The Little Black Ninja is coming back

coming soon

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  • March 19, 2010, 2:22 am
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Silent Swords 1.2 just approved!

Silent Swords 1.2 has just been approved by Apple. This update includes an unlockable Christmas level, more control options and a cool new icon!


Silent Swords 1.2 submitted for approval

We’ve just submitted Silent Swords update 1.2 to Apple for approval. This new update includes:

  • New unlockable Christmas level!
  • New control options (now includes an “analog stick” type of control)

Update 1.2 screenshot

There’s more than meets the eye in this level… You’ll have to play it to know what I mean 🙂

UPDATE: Thanks to all that follwed and tweeted! These are the lucky winners. Congrats!! 🙂

  • Remmykins
  • AlvinDj7
  • sicofyou
  • joshnsuch
  • Bronson15
  • lvillalt
  • leeac33
  • kingsofbavaria
  • 0ssamu
  • Nascorrocks
  • iWwolf
  • kdhomick
  • UndeadZed1
  • drelbs
  • Vicenteragal
  • Shuruna0ki
  • Jac_00
  • Skillz2k2
  • thatonetechguy
  • zakbob

Silent Swords Update 1.1 is OUT!!!

Apple has just greenlit Silent Swords 1.1. Get it now on the App Store:

Here’s a little video showcasing the new features:

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  • October 19, 2009, 9:29 pm
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Silent Swords 1.1 update submitted

Silent Swords 1.1 has been submitted to Apple for apprval. This update includes:

  • New control options. A much requested feature. Now you can tap and hold to walk and double-tap and hold to run. Also, you can jump just by pressing a button instead of tilting the device. And for the fans of the original controls, don’t worry, those are still in there! You can even mix the control options however you like. Many of our testers prefered using the original controls for walking and the new ones for jumping. You can choose whaterver suits you best.
  • 5 new unlockable levels. After you complete all the story levels, you’ll get access to new extra levels you can unlock. These levels are very challenging, for all Silent Swords experts out there! And the last extra level is quite special. You’ll see what we mean when you unlock it 😉
  • A few bugfixes here and there…

Hopefully, Silent Swords 1.1 will go live on the App Store soon. Stay tuned!




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  • October 14, 2009, 8:18 pm
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Silent Swords featured… AGAIN!!

Silent Swords is featured as ” What’s Hot” on the App Store! Someone at Apple must really like this game 🙂 Thank you!



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  • October 6, 2009, 10:15 am
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Top rankings

Silent Swords has gotten into the Top-20 in the Strategy category and into the Top-50 in Action! These have been a couple of great days for the Little Black Ninja.

Silent Swords on sale for a limited time! Get it now!

To celebrate our recent feature in the HOT NEW GAMES list on the App Store, we’re offering 66% off on Silent Swords. You can now get this awesome stealth game for just $0.99 US. This is a limited time offer, so don’t miss this great oportunity! Get it on the App Store.

Silent Swords for 99c is almost a steal. And it will only get better! The next version (soon be submitted for Apple’s approval) will include new control options and extra unlockable levels. Buy Silent Swords now and get all future updates for free!

The response to the sale has been great so far! Currently ranking #29 on Strategy and #73 on Action!

UPDATE: Sale is over.

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  • September 25, 2009, 5:48 pm
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Silent Swords featured

Silent Swords is currently featured in the “Hot New Games” category in the App Store and it’s back in the top 100 in the Strategy Category!!

IMG_0311[1] IMG_0314[1]

Silent Swords is out!

Yes! The Little Black Ninja has managed to sneak into the App Store. It took him a bit long, but better late than never.

You can get it now for only $2.99 US App Store link

The legend begins today!




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